Healing Moments


How did “Healing Moments” come about?  Well let me just say it basically happened by accident!  I had gone to a great Christian women’s writer’s conference, and one of the speakers challenged us to start adding short videos.  I had thought about it briefly – off and on.  But one day I was playing around, and all of a sudden God used my “trial video” to launch this whole series!  To find out how it all came about, check my introductory video on the bottom of this page.

(Oh, and if anyone can give me clues about why my eyes always seem to be closed when I upload these, please let me know!)

#6.  Dad – 11/17/17.  Even when we’re hurt and missing someone dearly, God can always send people to us to help understand.


#5.  Abortion – 11/10/17.  Ever wish we could take back some of our mistakes?  Well we can’t, but the good news is that God always forgives.

#4.  I Surrender – 11/3/17.  God has a way of getting our attention, whether we want Him to or not.  However through the pain of losing our boys, I finally learned what true joy was.




#3.  Take Off Your Mask – 10/27/17.  Who are you really?  Are you allowing your family in Christ to really know who you are?  We tend to think we need to put on a “happy face” when we go to church, but instead we need to be real.



#2.  Stress – 10/20/17.  We all have it.  This world is a jumbled up mess, no doubt.  Yet when we take our eyes off God things typically get worse before they get better.  Rest in our Father and His peace – or sometimes He may make you!



#1.  Low Self-Esteem – 10/13/17.  Do you suffer from it?  I sure do!  But remember that you are special in God’s sight.  Be proud and stand tall; for if you know Jesus you are a child of the King of Kings!



Introduction – 10/6/17:  Isn’t it a surprise when one day God lays something in your lap – maybe that you didn’t quite expect?  That’s how it happened when I started this series.