Fun Moments with Jeffrey

Thank you for visiting my web page!

My book The God of All Comfort is about all the bumps and lumps I’ve gone through both before and after becoming a Christian, culminating with the loss of two of our sons, and then raising our remaining son Jeffrey who has cerebral palsy.  

My second book Healing Hurts is all about pain and suffering.  Did you know that God desires to heal you, but sometimes the healing process can be really painful?  But Scripture has the answers, and through each chapter of this short book I have pin-pointed different types of struggles, and have correlated real modern day heroes of the faith with counterparts in the Bible.  There are five study questions at the end of each chapter, making this an excellent tool for a Bible study, as well.

In closing my desire is to give God all the praise and glory for what He’s done in my life.  If I can in any small way spread His peace and comfort to others who are struggling, that’s what I want to do. 

I also have my blog posts, which are filled with little tidbits I’ve learned throughout the years about God’s love – even through my sometimes warped frame of mind!

I hope and pray these will all be blessings to you.

I would love the opportunity to come and speak at your church or gathering sometime.  After teaching and leading numerous Bible studies throughout the years, I have come to realize that nothing is more important than God’s word – because I know only through Him can true healing come.  We certainly all have been hurt in our lives, and we need the soothing balm of our Savior to bind our wounds.

Please leave me a message below with your contact information, and I will connect with you as soon as I can.

You can also contact me through my Facebook page The God of All Comfort.

Blessings in our Lord and Savior Jesus,


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