fun_family_with_jeffreyI didn’t come to know Jesus as my Lord and Savior until I was in my mid-30’s.  Growing up I made a lot of mistakes, and got involved in a lot of things that I should have stayed far away from.

Yet God pursued me – in spite of myself.  As I look back now I can clearly see how He supernaturally protected me many times.  But back then?  “Boy, I was lucky!”

My husband Gary and I moved to the Dallas area back in 2011 after living on the West Coast for the majority of our lives.  Then in January 2021 we moved to Arizona to be closer to our son Jeffrey.  We are excited to see what God has in store for us here!

What do I like to do?  I love to read – as a matter of fact my husband sometimes gets a little irritated at how many books I drag along with me when we go on vacation!

I love to study the Bible and teach of the many wonders of our God.

I also love to get together with my girlfriends one-on-one and chat about how Jesus is working in our lives.

I love to hike, bike, walk and be outdoors.

I love to work in the yard, but have to admit it’s probably going to take awhile to figure out what to plant in this Arizona heat!

I love my Savior, who has given me the hope and promise that I’m going to be reunited with all my deceased children and other loved ones, some day.

And I love my faithful husband who puts up with my flightiness and always supports me; and our son Jeffrey who has given me such great joy.