Don’t Look Back!

I’ve heard a lot of people say, “If only I knew then what I know now.” A lot of times it’s when we reflect back to our teenage years when we made a lot of stupid mistakes; but sometimes people say this when their marriage is failing, their jobs are getting unbearable, or when their … More Don’t Look Back!

Got Peace?

Probably most of you are familiar with the old commercials “Got Milk?” which showcases various people with white milk-mustaches on their faces. But “Peace” is a lot harder to come by sometimes, isn’t it?  You can’t just open your refrigerator, grab a carton and have peace come pouring out. There’s only one way to get … More Got Peace?

Feeling Sad For Mom

Look outside (provided you’re not looking straight at a brick wall) and marvel at the scenery.  Stare up at the sky and watch the clouds move.  How can people say there’s no God?  How can people believe that a Creator hasn’t sculptured the beauty around us? Yet we forget that often, don’t we?  We get … More Feeling Sad For Mom