Consider … Joy

JOY. A simple 3-letter word that’s easy to say, yet hard to hang onto sometimes, right?  In spite of knowing that God has the COVID virus firmly in His grasp, I find at times I’m still letting that elusive 3-letter word slip from my focus. I had always loved being at home – and usually … More Consider … Joy


Have you ever had one of those moments?  A time when all of a sudden it seems like a lightbulb has switched on inside your head? You know.  I’m talking about an “Aha” moment when something that had seemed impossible or utterly deflating a few minutes ago all of a sudden makes perfect sense.  Now … More Eureka!

How Can You Even THINK You Can Make It Without God?

I don’t get it.  How can people make it through life without having a true and personal relationship with Jesus Christ?  The world is rapidly falling further and further into the gutter, and my heart just bleeds for young couples trying to raise their children in a godly manner in these days and times.  How … More How Can You Even THINK You Can Make It Without God?