Fact or Fiction – Who Really Knows?

From 1981-1989 (wow – I’m getting old!), my husband and I used to watch a detective show on TV called Simon & Simon.  It was about 2 brothers, Rick and AJ Simon, who ran their own private detective agency.  Rick was a Vietnam Vet who was very street-smart; whereas AJ was more the do-it-by-the-rules type.  Needless to say they butted-heads quite often when solving crimes.

Know the TruthDon’t ask me exactly which episode because I haven’t the foggiest idea, but I remember distinctly there was one where AJ all of a sudden blurted out: “You will know the truth, and the truth will set you free.”

Now I was not yet a born-again believer, but since I had been in bible studies for years regardless, I recognized that this was from the bible, and after that particular episode got out my bible and found it.  Funny thing is, after all these years, every time I hear this verse I think of Simon & Simon!

But think about it – what really is truth?  And how does truth differ from what we call fact?

I’m sure many of you have either heard or said at some point:  “It’s a fact that…”  But do we really know with certainty that the particular thing said is in fact the truth?  Of course there certainly are proven facts throughout history, such as World War 2 or the World Trade Center bombings, but a lot of times things we call fact are just things that we’ve heard – on TV, from a friend, etc.

Oftentimes I’ll see on social media (and sometimes have even posted things myself by accident) which state facts of a new law or regulation.  But then surprise!  You find out that it was not really true at all.  It was just someone’s interpretation – and you believed it!

You know after losing our 2 sons years ago, we had well-meaning health-care professionals tell us statistical facts about what a tremendous strain this was going to put on our marriage.  It was something like “96% of couples that go through this type of trauma end up in divorce court.”  Well thanks – that’s certainly something positive to chew on!  And, guess what?  We’re part of the 4% whose marriage is still intact, and is stronger than ever!

Linda, Jeffrey, Gary Scanned IOr, through the years raising our son with cerebral palsy we had numerous doctors and specialists who have stated that Jeffrey would never be able to do this, that, or the other.

But Jeffrey went on to excel beyond what most of those health care professionals predicted.  He competed in Special Olympics wheelchair track tournaments (pictured), was the first student with his type of disability to graduate with a regular high school diploma from his school, and then moved out of state to attend college living with a couple he didn’t even know to take care of his needs.

Let me tell you – the college thing was huge.  When people heard about our plans to let Jeffrey move out of state to attend college on his own, we got a lot of raised eyebrows from people (even a few well-meaning Christian brothers and sisters), as well as numerous comments about how “it just wasn’t going to work.”  And, I have to admit that Gary and I both certainly had our moments of doubt, as well.

But why did we have moments of doubt?  We had moments of doubt because we were listening to people state perceived “facts” about what a child with disabilities such as Jeffrey would be able to do, instead of focusing on Truth – the Truth of Jesus Christ.

You see, Jesus tells us that all things are possible to those that believe (Mark 9:23).  So, during those moments when people were telling us that we were loony-tunes for letting Jeffrey go off on his own, we needed to focus on Jesus.  Why?  Because all 3 of us felt that He had told us to believe that this was what we were supposed to do – He was going to open the doors for us, which He did.

Now did everything turn out roses?  Certainly not!  Yet that’s for another time.  Here’s what the prophet Jeremiah said:

I know, O Lord, that a man’s way is not in himself, nor is it in a man to direct his steps (Jer. 10:23 NASB).

So my friends – remember that during those times when we start to waver in our walks and are afraid to step forward when we believe God has asked us to do something, we need to hold onto the fact that is absolutely, positively certain – Jesus is the Truth.  If He has told you to move on ahead, then do it – there’s a great adventure waiting for you!






2 thoughts on “Fact or Fiction – Who Really Knows?

  1. Linda, this really rings true to me. Sometimes we are so quick to believe what someone else tells us is truth, but slow to accept God’s truth. I am praying the Lord will open my eyes and ears to hear His truth. Thanks for sharing your heart. You and Gary are a blessing to me.

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