God – What Are You Doing About My Son?

I was talking with a “blast-from-the-past-friend” the other day, and our conversation started to center on our grown boys.  It reminded me of a journal entry of mine dated 6/5/10 that I had read just about a week earlier.

In this particular entry I was stressing (again!) about how in the world our son Jeffrey was going to make it on his own moving out of state to attend college.  I had listed 2 huge roadblocks that greatly concerned me about this move.  I had begun to pray:  Father it just seems as though there are so many things our son needs to have help with!

Do not sway from the pathIt was then it happened.  The Lord in His still small voice reminded me of a testimony one of my friends had shared with me awhile back.

My friend and her husband had been called by the Lord to pastor a church which was about a 3-hour drive away from where they were currently living.  They had a son who was a young adult, and a younger daughter still at home.  Both kids had been raised in the church, and were actively serving.  When the decision was made to move, the son decided that he wanted to remain in the city where they currently resided so he could be close to his friends.

Everything appeared to go well for awhile after the move, but then my friend and her husband started hearing that their son was starting to drift away from the Lord and was getting into things that he shouldn’t get into.  It was tearing my friend’s heart in pieces.

One day she sat crying her heart out to the Lord:  What about my son? 

It was then she heard from God:  I wasn’t aware he was still your son…

lamb & lionMy friend told me that the Lord then reminded her of when they had dedicated their son to the Lord years ago, entrusting that God knew best for him, and that He would always take care of him.  Where had her faith gone?  Does not a loving father always watch over his kids?

Raising kids is never easy, is it – and it doesn’t matter how old they are!  There’s always struggles, and sometimes we just don’t know what on earth we’re supposed to do.  But we have to remember:  God does!

So reading this particular journal entry reminded me of so many barriers that the Lord opened up for our disabled son to move away from home:  Funding came through from the State in record time; caregivers were found that were willing to travel to the college to care for his needs; dorm and building entries were obtained at the last minute so our son could enter his room on his own; a new special needs administrator had just started at the university who had disabilities of his own so was very familiar with many of the trials that Jeffrey would need assistance with; and Jeffrey received a surprise scholarship from high school which could be used to pay for the first few months of medical care until State funding came through!

Oh that we would remember the God that we serve.  He is the Lion of Judah (Rev. 5:5) and the Lamb of God (John. 1:29)!  He is strong and mighty enough to handle each and every situation that arises, yet he is also tender and gentle and will wrap His arms around us and comfort us just when we need it.

Lord, we again place our kids in Your capable hands…

To Him, the Almighty God – be glory forever and ever!  Amen.




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