The Big Date

As I waited for the big day of my date (see The Nerve of This Guy!), my stress level continued to rise – and when the day actually arrived I was a total basket case.  What on earth was my problem?

Thankfully, my sister had arrived a couple hours earlier, and she had brought with her a couple of cute outfits which I tried on.  Of course I couldn’t decide what looked better, so we went back and forth before the final decision was finally made.  And then, right on cue, there came the knocking on the door.

As I opened the door my sister was standing a few steps behind me, so we were both right in the line of Gary’s vision.  So there Gary stood looking inside my apartment, first at me, and then at my sister.

Uh … Linda?

I found out later that he said it that way because he couldn’t remember what I looked like and was not sure whom he was supposed to taking out on a date that night – me or my sister.  Good thing he hadn’t admitted it right then and there or I might have shut the door in his face!  (Yeah, right…)

Anyway, we took off in that same bright, shiny new Trans Am (see Am I Getting My Life Together Yet?) that his sister had dragged me to that embarrassing day at work.

God can do moreHe took me first to a nice restaurant for dinner where I was extremely uncomfortable as I was not used to eating at places like that.  They even had separate forks to use for the salad!  To make matters worse, I had always hated eating in front of people – especially people I didn’t know!

Gary went ahead and ordered a bottle of wine, and despite the part of me that wanted to immediately guzzle a few glasses to make me feel more at ease, I decided to take it nice and slow.  I definitely wanted to make a good impression on this guy – this was a classy fellow!

However I was becoming more and more discombobulated as we sat at the table.  He was sitting right across from me, and those eyes!  He just kept staring.  It was definitely unnerving.

He eventually noticed that I had been drinking more out of the water glass than the wine glass, so all of a sudden he looked at me seriously, and said, You do know that it’s been proven that when you are drinking alcoholic beverages if you drink a lot of water it makes the alcohol move into your system at a faster pace.

I started to panic inside.  Oh no!

Yes, folks, here again you can insert your favorite blonde joke.  Could I be any more gullible?  I actually believed him!

Finally the dinner was completed, and Gary said he wanted to now take me to a nightclub close by to go dancing.  Now I was really starting to sweat – I didn’t dance!

Of course I didn’t dare tell him that, and once there did everything I could to avoid getting up to dance.  I would quickly change the subject, ask him a question, even decide I needed to go to the bathroom!  Of course he caught on, and eventually I was stuck…

Magic Puzzles. April 26

Oh, man – this guy could dance!  I was dying inside.  He tried to teach me a few steps out on the crowded dance floor, but all I really ended up doing was stepping on his toes and moving in the wrong direction.  And then he tried to twirl me!  I was trying to maintain my composure, but eventually he realized that I had danced enough, so we went back to the table.

Once back at the table we ended up talking and talking, and laughing and laughing.  We were having so much fun together!  When he finally drove me home we just couldn’t bear to leave each others company.  Wow, could this really be happening?

Much to Gary’s sister’s delight, he and I became at item.  We found it difficult to ever do anything without each other.  He finally admitted to me that when he had originally asked me out he had been dating 3 other women, but now he wanted nothing to do with them.  The only person he wanted to spend time with away from work was me!

So where on earth was this going to lead?


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