Y2 – What???

Come on, I know some of you remember it. It was the year 1999…

There was a new decade coming upon us over the horizon, but first we had to make it physically into the year 2000. And people were starting to freak out – big time!  Because, you see, people much smarter than I am were starting to wonder how our worldwide computer data system was going to react because now it had to start every year with a “2” instead of a “1”.  People thought that the computers would revert back to the year 1900 – which of course would put us back into the stone ages!

On December 31, 1999, policemen all over the world were busy preparing bunkers for themselves, and the TIME magazine staff set up a generator-powered “war room” in the basement of the Time & Life Building, filled with computers and equipment ready to produce the magazine in case of a catastrophic breakdown of electricity and communications (Remember Y2K?).

guard-your-heartI remember the media going cuckoo driving the hype – everyone get ready!  Start stockpiling groceries, water, batteries, flashlights and other essentials because there might not be power for a very long time!

A family in Ohio took it to such an extreme that they bought gas-powered generators and a year’s supply of dry food because they were so convinced that the end was near. There was complete chaos occurring around the world (The Y2K Disaster That Never Was).

Unfortunately, however, it wasn’t just the secular media driving all the hype, but it was also some well-meaning Christian organizations. I remember getting my monthly newsletter from a ministry we supported which listed out for us in detail all the necessary items we should have stocked in our pantries before January 1st. I remember reading it, going “huh?”

I mean really, our Heavenly Father is certainly in control of the economy, right?  And does He not promise take care of all His children’s needs?  Jesus tells us Himself in Matthew 6:34 that we’re to not worry about tomorrow; and in Philippians 4:6-7 we’re told to not worry about “anything.”  So what does “anything” mean again?

Now certainly if my husband and I had felt like the Lord was telling us to stockpile food and other supplies, we certainly would have, but we really didn’t feel like He was telling us to.

Regardless, I did find myself starting to wonder a bit as the big day drew near – what would really happen?  Would our meager stockpile of supplies hold out?

I can’t tell you how thankful I was when the calendar page was finally flipped over and everything pretty much went on as before, with just a few minor glitches!

dont-blame-godThe thing was, all the hype might have been over, but instead of seeing the wonderfulness of our Creator (who of course was fully aware of what that day would bring) all the self-proclaimed experts started patting themselves on their backs as to how smart they were to have designed such incredible computer systems!

I wrote in my journal on 1/1/2000 that I was reminded of how in the bible it talks about the day of the Lord and that at that time sudden destruction will come on those who don’t know Him as people sit around saying “peace and safety” (1 Thessalonians 5:3), thinking more highly of themselves than they should.  God will not be mocked (Galatians 6:7)!

Oh to keep our eyes on our Heavenly Father ALWAYS.  “Lord take away all pridefulness that I still carry within me, remembering that all I have is Yours.  And help me to remember – as Your daughter – that no matter what happens, no matter how hard things get on this earth, You are in control…”

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