Cease Striving!

Jeffrey had just started his senior year of high school, and things were moving at a fast pace.  Exactly what did God have planned for when Jeffrey graduated from school?

In my last post, Lord, Increase My Faith, I continued with the story of Jeffrey and his dream of attending Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University (ERAU).  This dream of his was not going away, so when we were notified that ERAU was putting on a presentation in Portland, Oregon, we knew we needed to take the weekend and attend.

We were all very impressed.  They spoke of different programs the college had to offer, as well as dorm life, social life, finances, etc.  Jeffrey was so excited, but as yet still didn’t seem to understand his limitations in all the things that the speakers were presenting.

wide loveThey also spoke about 6-month internships that were offered, where the student could live in other cities and attend the local college to check out their programs.  Jeffrey was about to bounce out of his wheelchair in his excitement.

Me?  I was thinking:  It cannot happen…

They talked about how students would be able to fly to other locations to learn hands-on things about airplanes/airports, etc.  Jeffrey’s excitement was continuing to escalate.

I’m thinking:  No way…

My heart was being shredded in two as I so wanted him to be able to fulfill his dreams – what parent doesn’t?  But how could it happen?

I found I had to remind myself that God was the Great Creator, the Great Healer, and the Great I Am.  But my faith at the moment was just so weak.

Jeffrey just seemed to trust that it was going to work out.  Gary was of the mindset where he knew it would have to be God if it were going to happen.

I kept waffling back and forth.

Of course the Lord in His mercy later reminded me of a story I had read about a Christian man who had been going through tremendous trials.

One day as he was sitting and fretting he received a phone call from a friend who simply told him:  Remember 46:10.  That was it!

The man had no clue what that was supposed to mean, but it stuck in his mind.

Then a couple days later he received in the mail a plaque.  What did it say?  Just “46:10!”

He was totally confused, but ended up turning the plaque over, and then everything became clear.  On the back it said:

Be still and know that I am God.

Straight out of the Bible:  Psalm 46:10.

This totally jolted the man – it was a total wake-up call.  He needed to quit worrying and know Who was ultimately in charge.

Might I say that passage jolted me awake, as well?  I knew in my heart that the Lord in His magnificent love had sent me yet another reminder of just who He is.  But, I must relax, trust Him and know that He’s in control of Jeffrey’s life.  Basically I needed to let Him do His work!

This so helped me get back on track.  It was confirmation that we needed to keep taking steps forward, but at the same time remember that God Himself would put everything in order, in His time.

Smiley faceI know I say these same words often, but remember friends, God knows exactly where you are and what’s coming up in the future for you and your family.

And, He also knows that we are frail and weak in our minds.  It’s just being human, but it’s the human body, soul and mind that God created, and He loves you so very, very much.

So … did I stop worrying about this whole college thing?  You know the answer, unfortunately.  There were many moments coming up in the next year that would try my faith to the bone.  There were numerous times when I would sit just crying my eyes out, and would need to once again sit at my Father’s feet and have Him soothe me.

Keep looking up my friends, and be encouraged.  God knows.

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