Is the Ride Over Yet?

As much as I enjoy a good roller-coaster occasionally, by the time the ride is over, I’m glad it’s over!  Having my stomach lodged up in my throat isn’t something pleasant to me for long periods of time.  I want the ‘coaster to stay on the ground for awhile!

I actually thought my emotional roller-coaster was finally over after we said our good-byes to Jeffrey when we left him at his dorm at ERAU in Arizona (Just Like A Roller-Coaster).

As we got ready to take-off from the college, Gary said a wonderful prayer asking for God to watch over Jeffrey’s life, and then we headed for our van to leave.

And Jeffrey?  Humph – he was already heading off to another meeting on campus!

sing for joyGary and I were driving to Sedona, Arizona for 5 days as we’d never been there, (plus it wasn’t too far from ERAU – just in case), and then we were going to stop at the Grand Canyon on our way home.

After getting checked into our hotel in Sedona, I had a real difficult time relaxing because of the emotional turmoil we had gone through the past couple of days.  Sleep was pretty non-existent that first night, as I wondered how Jeffrey was doing in such a new place where he knew no one except a few people in the administration office!

The next morning I got up early and sat out on our deck praying and having my quiet time with the Lord.  Once Gary woke up we went down for breakfast and came back into the room to decide what we wanted to do for the day.

Then my cell phone rang…

Yes,  you know who it was – the nursing office once again.  And as I answered the phone, the same supervisor (Just Like A Roller-Coaster) started once again screaming in my ear.

She stated that already the caregiver assigned to Jeffrey had put in way too many hours, and she was “tired.”  Huh?

Then she yelled that if the caregiver had to continue working so much overtime, our bill was going to be a lot more than we’d anticipated.  She said that it had taken the caregiver 2 hours just to get Jeffrey on the toilet and showered that morning.

That seemed absolutely ridiculous to me, and I starting getting pretty hot under the collar.  I felt I was going to blow my top, so Gary (who can read me pretty well – sometimes) ended up taking the phone away from me.

Finally Gary calmed her down a bit, and she decided to have the director of the organization call us, but it wasn’t to happen until the next morning.

But would Jeffrey have nursing care until then?  After hemming and hawing, she finally said “yes.”

After hanging up the phone, Gary again looked at me and said, “Everything will work out.”

Didn’t help – I had another night of virtually no sleep.

The next day we waited around for the nursing director to call.  By 11:30 AM we still had not heard anything, and by that time Gary was to the point where he was ready to jump in the car, head back to ERAU, and do a “YOU’RE FIRED” to the nursing company.

Thankfully he decided to try and call them first.

reaching teensHe got through to the director, who stated that she personally was going to now be taking over the case, and would work everything out!  She said they needed to make some staffing changes, but was confident they could arrange the schedule to fit Jeffrey’s needs until his disability payments started to come through (What Are Your Ears Hearing?).

YABBA-DABBA-DO!!!  (Sorry, my Fred Flintstone side is coming out.)

Gary and I again stood in awe of God’s marvelous hands upon the situation.  How patient He always is as we go stumbling around!

So … Gary and I were able to finish our vacation.  And besides having a crown become unlodged in my mouth because of a “Milk Dud” craze, we finally made it home.  How strange it was to walk into Jeffrey’s bedroom and not see his stuff there!  Yet this is what parents work toward as their goal in raising children – right?

Gary and I started settling in to start our empty-nester lifestyle.  But after about a week we were getting a little concerned because we’d heard nothing from Jeffrey.  We wanted to call him, but decided to give him a little more space and time.

After all, not hearing anything meant everything was okay, right?




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