Day Dreaming

Have you ever just sat staring at the different cloud formations in the sky?  Beautiful, yet sometimes so complex!

How about when you’re in a plane on an overcast cloudy day.  Suddenly as the plane flies higher and higher, all of a sudden you find yourself breaking through to clear blue sky.  Underneath all you can see are clouds expanding for miles and miles.  It looks suddenly like you’re gliding on top of marshmallows – you’ve suddenly been transported to another world.

his mercyI love to stop and gaze at the clouds.  What tremendous artwork given to us by our God!  And oftentimes, that’s when I will allow my mind to wander…

Such as the other day.  I was looking outside my window – day dreaming, I guess you’d call it.  The sun was out and the sky was a clear blue; but there were a few puffy clouds strategically placed here and there.  Like cotton balls.

Suddenly I found myself thinking of Revelation 1:7 which talks about how when Jesus comes again, He will be coming on the clouds, and everyone will see Him.

I found myself trying to imagine what that would look like.  And, I really couldn’t.  How could He come down on the clouds without falling right through the middle of them.  After all, it’s a cloud.  There’s no meaty substance to clouds, right?

Oh, the human mind sometimes.  Those thoughts were clearly just one of the quadrillion reasons why God is God, and I’m not!

Yet God created our minds – and through complexity that we cannot even come close to comprehending, through our minds He allows us to dream.  He allows us the opportunity to use our imaginations – whether in a silly way, like wondering how Jesus was going to come down from heaven on a cloud without falling through; or contemplating how a small seed thrown on the ground can turn into a beautiful flower.

daydreamSometimes our Lord will grant us times of special visions – times when He has something very specific to show or tell us, such as what I recently videoed and wrote about on my Facebook page The God of All Comfort about taking the time to dance.  We could be feeling at our very lowest when suddenly Father God reveals to us in a very special way that our minds are going in a totally wrong direction.

Isaiah 6:1-3 is the passage the beautiful worship song, I Saw the Lord is based upon.  I think Isaiah’s mind must have been filled to the fullest as God showed him this vision as he was about to begin his ministry:

In the year that King Uzziah died, [in a vision] I saw the Lord sitting upon a throne, high and lifted up, and the skirts of His train filled the [most holy part of the] temple.  Above Him stood the seraphim; each had six wings:  with two covered his face, and with two covered his feet, and with two flew.  And one cried to another and said, Holy, holy, holy is the Lord of hosts; the whole earth is full of His glory!  [AMP]

What was Isaiah feeling as he stood looking at this amazing vision the Lord gave him?  Can you even begin to imagine it?

In this rough and tumble world that we currently live in, often we don’t take the time to sit back and just allow our minds to wander – we have way too many things to do!  Yet it’s so important to rest, and to focus on what beautiful instead (Philippians 4:8); even if your mind goes in some bizarre directions sometimes.

So sit back and day dream for a bit.  It’s okay!  





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