Is It Really Going To Happen?

It’s really hard trusting when there’s so many blind spots, right?  That’s how we felt as we continued our quest to get our special needs son Jeffrey ready to possibly move out of state to attend Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University (ERAU) in Arizona (The “Impossible” Becomes “Wow”).  But God knew all, and came through in amazing ways.

As Jeffrey’s junior year of High School came to an end, we were frantically trying to find scholarships.  We found very few that he could apply for because of his special needs.  The majority of them were for sports or having over-the-top grades in school.

How everything could come together was indeed a mystery.

Thankfully we had wonderful praying friends who were continually lifting up all our needs to our great God (Colossians 1:9).

mr. rhs
Jeffrey participating at a senior event in high school

As Christmastime neared in Jeffrey’s senior year, I was stressed to the max.  There was all sorts of paperwork flooding in, and since I’d never attended college, I often felt totally frustrated.  Yet every time I focused, remembering that God tells us to be still and remember just who He is (Psalm 46:10), suddenly one-by-one things started settling into place.

Then one big looming issue popped up:  Since Jeffrey was to turn 18 years-old in just a matter of months, we were going to have to try and obtain disability through the state of Arizona.  Since we lived in Oregon, they stated since Jeffrey was going to be living in Arizona, Arizona needed to pay.

Made sense, but the Arizona governing entitles stated that attending college in Arizona doesn’t make you eligible for services.  To be eligible you typically have to reside in the state for about a year.

We really had to have the funding to pay for Jeffrey’s nursing care, as well as his other needs.  There was no possible way we could pay for it on our own.  And I do mean, no way…

Yet as we continued to pray, we kept feeling like we were to move forward and not give up.  After all, God never said things would be easy!

So onward we went, and God opened doors – one at a time.

First, Jeffrey decided that even after college he wanted to remain in Arizona.  Definitely a plus.

Then we got connected to an Arizona caseworker who stated she might be able to move Jeffrey’s acceptance paperwork along quicker than usual.  Wow!

However we still had a lot of friends who were doubtful that funds would come through in time.

“It will never happen,” some would say.

Others stated, “Dealing with the government always takes forever.  You just can’t believe them.”

My stress continued to rise.

Those who wait on the Lord

However one day I came across Psalm 40:1-3, which says how we are to wait “patiently” for the Lord, and He will lift us out of the mud and mire and place our feet firmly on solid ground.  I knew I had to get refocused!

We took a couple trips to ERAU, and were connected with wonderful staff, including the disability coordinator who was absolutely terrific.  They were able to arrange a dorm room which was wheelchair accessible, and they all really wanted Jeffrey to be able to attend.

A big boulder came temporarily blocking our path when the nursing care we’d hired decided they wanted to back out at the last moment, but the Lord straightened that out, as well.

And – Jeffrey’s Arizona caseworker was able to rush the paperwork through for his disability payments, so we only had to fork out our own finances for Jeffrey’s nursing for 3 months – unheard of!

Never discount what your Heavenly Father can do!

So we moved ahead, step-by-step, packing up Jeffrey’s belongings to move him to Arizona.  And things went well – at least for awhile…

Tune in next week!

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