Taking The Backseat

Parents typically work hard to teach their children to mature and be independent.  However many special needs children never reach the point where they can take care of themselves – whether it’s physically or emotionally.  Often the parents must intervene. As I mentioned in my last post Armed For Battle, sometimes we need to go on … More Taking The Backseat

Crushing Evil

I hate snakes – I mean I really, really do.  Just seeing a picture of a snake absolutely freaks me out.  People talk about them, and I find myself breaking into a sweat.  They terrify me. I was born in Iowa, and our family lived in a cute little house that had a small orchard in … More Crushing Evil

Our Feeble Minds

A little over a year ago, I admitted in my post Enough of This Whole School Thing, that I dropped out of high school my junior year.  My life patterns back then were anything but wholesome, unfortunately. My mom had told me during that rocky season that if I was going to drop out of school, … More Our Feeble Minds

Do Not Fear

On February 19th, I posted a short video on my God of All Comfort Facebook page about real fear that I experienced back when I was a teenager.  My best friend for a time was into witchcraft (Fortunetellers, Witches & Other Strange Stuff). That was before I became a Christian.  In my teen years I often … More Do Not Fear

Got Peace?

Probably most of you are familiar with the old commercials “Got Milk?” which showcases various people with white milk-mustaches on their faces. But “Peace” is a lot harder to come by sometimes, isn’t it?  You can’t just open your refrigerator, grab a carton and have peace come pouring out. There’s only one way to get … More Got Peace?

Dad Takes Off

After my mom took my sister and left the house (What’s Going On?), I was really getting antsy.  Dad, when’s the producer coming? Still he didn’t answer.  I looked over at him, and noticed that he had a weird, vacant look on his face. Dad, what’s going on? Then he looked over at me.  He … More Dad Takes Off