Evil – Out To Get Me (2)

Continuing on with my first post in Evil – Out To Get Me, I really can’t recall exactly when I realized something dark and sinister was stalking me, but it most likely was around the time when my best friend (whose mother and aunt were witches) and I snuck out one night to go see the horror movie The Exorcist.  I never got so scared in my whole life.  There was one scene where the demon possessed 12 year-old girl’s head spun around totally in a complete circle.  Her face was more frightening than anything I had ever imagined.  And her voice?  Terrifying…

As I snuck back into my home that night I ended up having to go through a back door which led into the garage of our house.  I had to be very quiet to not wake mom, so that meant I didn’t dare turn on any lights.  That night, of course, everything seemed extraordinarily creepy, and I got inside as fast as I could.

Psalm 86_15I made it to my bedroom, and of course that night I was unable to sleep at all.  Every time I tried, I pictured the girl’s head spinning around.  I kept a small light above my bed on all night.

The image of that movie scene stayed with me for a very long time over the next weeks, but finally I was able to turn my light off when I went to bed.

But one night something woke me, and I opened my eyes to see a figure all clothed in black standing at the foot of my bed.  I could not see it’s face, but it looked like a man dressed so completely in black that I could see no further features.  It appeared that “he” had on a long black cape-like coat (almost like a loose raincoat) and a black hat.  And, it appeared he was staring straight at me.

In those few moments, terror enveloped me.  I quickly closed my eyes, and, when I opened them again a few moments later, the figure was gone.

Was I imagining the whole thing?  You might think so, but if you were here sitting with me right now, I could show you the goosebumps I still get thinking about it.  All I know was that I felt evil was in my room – plain and simple.

It took a long time to push that memory from the forefront of my mind.

There is one other time I remember clearly – a time where evil actually chased me.  And, of course, it happened again after I had been with my witch-friend.

Proverbs 12_3 MSGWe had been upstairs in her bedroom, getting high yet again.  Neither of us had a car, so the only way I was able to get home was by walking about 2 miles down the dark isolated road outside her house.

My typical attire for walking home on nights such as those were baggy jeans, and a loose large top which hung on me.  My hair would be hanging down over my eyes.  And, since there was still a lot of the hippie movement going on then – (Peace – Trying Everything),  I’d take a scarf, roll it up, and wrap it around my head like they did in those days.  I was a true hippie.  I certainly wanted to make sure I didn’t just look like a “girl,” because on a couple occasions there had been instances where cars had slowed down when they saw me.  A couple of times guys had even asked me to get in their cars on that same road.

That evening I set off, like usual.  It was very dark – probably around midnight.  When I had walked about 1/2 mile I could see a car coming towards me on the same side of the road.  I quickly started accentuating my hippie-walking gait, thinking that surely whoever it was would just see me as some type of whacked-out freak high on drugs (which I guess I probably was), and leave me alone.

But that night was different.  Oh, if only I had the truth and authority of Jesus in my heart.  If only I had known then that I could have called on Him!  If only I would have been walking with Him then.  If only I would’ve known the truth of His promise that says “I am with you always” (Matthew 28:18-20)…

I’ll conclude this series next week.

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