Evil – Out To Get Me (3)

A couple weeks ago in my last post, I began talking about a particular evening when I left my friend’s house for my long walk home, like usual.  It was very dark – probably around midnight.  When I had walked about 1/2 mile I could see a car coming towards me on the same side of the road.  I quickly started accentuating my hippie-walking gait, which was my typical way of ambling down the road at that time of night.  Normally cars would slow down a bit seeing a lone person walking on that road in the middle of the night, but usually after staring at me a minute they’d take off.

But that night was different.

This time as the car approached me it slowed way down.  I refused to turn my head and look at whoever was in the car, but instead just kept walking like I was a crazy nutcase.  Finally the car passed me by.

Suddenly I had a really bad feeling.  I turned my head a bit, and sure enough, that same car had gone down the street and was turning around.  It was driving back towards me!

Your dreams within reachFear entered into me like I’d never felt before.  As I stated in my first post on evil, the side of the street I typically walked home on was nothing but miles of blueberry fields once you stepped over a little gully.

The panic was so great within me that evening as I saw the car coming back towards me that I jumped down the gully and practically dove into the thick bushes.

And started running as fast as I could…

But there was a problem.  The bushes were so dense – and it was so dark – that I had no idea where I was actually going.  I just kept running in the direction I believed was correct, hoping I didn’t trip and fall.

Then suddenly (and again, this I swear is true), I heard someone (something?) chasing me from behind.  I could hear the limbs of the bushes being slapped back, and I believe I heard footsteps, as well.

Then that I heard the voice:  “LinnddaLinndda…”

For those of you who are Lord of the Rings fans, the voice was similar to Gollum’s nasally creepy voice.  And let me just say the first time I watched that series with my husband I got so freaked out that I had to turn it off – it was just too real to me.

That particular night in the dark blueberry fields I felt deep down inside that evil was indeed chasing me in the dark.  Never had I run so fast in my whole life!

Finally I couldn’t take it anymore.  I needed to find out where I was.  Surely the car had taken off by now?

I found the gully, climbed up, and was excited to see I wasn’t too far away from the area where I could cut up a lighted street.

However as I started running across the street, I saw that same car.  It had gone back down the other direction and was turning around again!

I hightailed it across the street, and started running up the incline through the brush and trees (Evil – Out To Get Me (1)).  I ran as high up as I could, when suddenly I could see lights in the distance – was it a house?

It was, but unfortunately I came in contact with a high chain-link fence before I could get close enough.  There was no way I could climb over.

gAll I could think about at that time was trying to hide the best I could, so I found a large dense bush surrounded by a couple trees, and crouched behind it.

But whoever it was in the car wasn’t about to let me go that easily…

Suddenly I heard car doors slam, and a male voice said, “She’s got to be around here somewhere.”

From my hiding place I kept as still as I could, even when I heard footsteps crunching on dead twigs and leaves below me.  Thankfully they didn’t have a flashlight, and it was very dark amidst all the trees and brush.

For what seemed like hours (it was probably about 5 minutes), I heard traipsing around below me, then suddenly I heard car doors slam.  The car then revved up, and drove away!

I’m sure I must’ve been praying, although I had yet to know Jesus…

I remained hidden behind my bush for probably about 1/2 hour after that.  I stayed there until every muscle in my body began to ache staying so still in a crouched position.  I needed to make sure they were gone this time!

When I finally slowly descended the hill, no cars or lights could be seen.  I quickly hid myself along the tree line until I came to the lighted street leading to my home.

Boy, I had been lucky!  Of course, now I know the Lord had been watching over me.

Next week – let’s wrap this up, shall we?


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