A Divine Operation

Going under the knife … yikes!  Definitely not a fun thing.  But when I had my thyroidectomy about 8 years ago I finally came to realize you definitely need to listen to health care providers; but when things don’t go as planned, there’s really only one medical professional to completely trust – The Divine Surgeon. … More A Divine Operation

God’s Timing

My husband and I have been so blessed with those of you who have shared how you had been praying for our recent trip to Arizona to visit with our son, Jeffrey.  To hear how the family of our great God has been interceding for us means more than we can ever put in words. … More God’s Timing

Mother’s Gone & I Come Unglued – But Only Temporarily!

Mother ended up passing away in her sleep just 2 days after we were told she had no more than 72 hours to live (The Roller-Coaster Continues).  But here’s an amazing thing:  I knew that she’d died even before I got the phone call! The same thing happened as when Jeffrey’s twin Bryan passed away … More Mother’s Gone & I Come Unglued – But Only Temporarily!