A Divine Operation

Going under the knife … yikes!  Definitely not a fun thing.  But when I had my thyroidectomy about 8 years ago I finally came to realize you definitely need to listen to health care providers; but when things don’t go as planned, there’s really only one medical professional to completely trust – The Divine Surgeon.

I’ve been under the knife a few times throughout the years:  1) C-section when I delivered the twins (Loving the Little Children); 2) Tubes tied (Our New Daily Routine – which was NOT a good choice); 3) D&C (One Down, One To Go); and 4) Thyroidectomy (Last Surgery).

My foray into the thyroidectomy began when I discovered out of the blue one day a large lump on my neck.  It was definitely one of the craziest and most stressful seasons I’d had in years, as our special needs son was going to miraculously move away from our home in Oregon and attend college in Arizona.

The whole move was definitely a “God-thing,” no doubt about it.  The Lord was opening doors right and left for our son Jeffrey, but let’s face it, I’m a mom.  I just couldn’t stop thinking about how he was going to make it down there by himself, as he was in a wheelchair full-time and had very limited physical mobility.  Yet my Father made it clear to all of us that He was in control of this move – and that we needed to trust Him while He worked out the logistics.

GOD is in controlAnd I was trying – really!  But I just felt like there were too many things God needed my help with in order to get everything done satisfactorily.

Have you been there?


When there were only a few months left until our son’s big move, I was talking on the phone one day and as I talked I was rubbing my neck.  Suddenly I felt a lump.  What was all that about?

I showed it to my husband, but after a few days noticed it certainly wasn’t going away.  So I went to see my doctor.

That led to a biopsy and then a visit to a specialist who told me I needed to get the lump removed ASAP as there was a possibility it could be cancerous.

And no – it couldn’t wait until we got back from moving our son…

So a little more than one week before we were to take-off to Arizona with Jeffrey, I laid in the pre-op room waiting to be called in for surgery.

Then, my surgeon got delayed because of an emergency!  And for those of you who’ve gone through any operations, you understand the longer you wait, the more stressed you typically become.

But – during that time, God brought me a blessing.  All of a sudden in walked a sweet friend from church who was a nurse at the hospital.  She shared with me that she was going to be the one assisting the doctor for my procedure, and assured me she’d be praying for me all the way!

Sure enough, when I was finally wheeled into the operating room, there was my friend, smiling at me beneath her surgical mask.  I was at peace.

Until the surgery was over and I woke up in the recovery room…


I suffer from motion sickness, and always do my best to make that very clear to anesthesiologists.  But something definitely was wrong as I opened my eyes that afternoon after the operation.  I turned my head to search for my husband, but as I turned the room started spinning, and I discovered I was nauseous beyond belief.  I so wanted to throw up, but unfortunately there was nothing in my stomach to throw up!

The original plan had been to discharge me later that day, but it never happened.  My husband told the nursing staff there was no way he was going to take me home in my condition.  He told me I was as white as a ghost, and later said he’d never seen me look so sick.

However even through all that, the Lord reminded me of a verse I had memorized in Isaiah 26:3 just the following evening:  “You will keep in perfect peace all who trust in you, all whose thoughts are fixed on you” (NLT).

When they finally wheeled me into the elevator to a hospital room upstairs I had to keep repeating the verse as I did my best to stay calm and not start with the dry heaves.  It was hard as I saw people in the elevator staring at me, and then would notice once again the panicked look on my husband’s face.

As they rolled me onto my hospital bed I felt like crying in despair, but I kept repeating the scripture.  Lord, I trust You!

Finally I was all situated and the nurse gave me a sedative to help me sleep, plus take away the nausea.  And, I got a couple hours of sleep – until they had to wake me up again for the vitals!  Yet I knew my Father was there.

When I found myself rolling over to the other side of my bed because of discomfort later that night and the room started to spin again, I once more cried out to my Father, and He settled me down with His peace.  And soon the nursing staff came in to give me another dose of the sedative.

Once morning came I still didn’t feel very good, but knew I had to try and eat something.  I did my best, and shortly after my husband came to take me home.

Everything was still spinning, but not quite as bad.  Thank you, Father.


Once we got home my husband tucked me into bed, and I tried to get some sleep.  Surely I’d feel better in the morning?

Hebrews 13_5No, I did not.  As I tried to get up the room was still spinning.  What was going on?  I had a postop appointment with my doctor, so I did my best to maintain my composure.  He stated the surgery had been a success, but was surprised that I hadn’t shaken the anesthesia effects, saying it usually didn’t take so long.  However he assured me I’d be just fine.

After getting back home, my husband once more tucked me back in bed.  Tomorrow I just knew I had to feel better – after all there were just a few days left before we were to move Jeffrey, and “I” still had so much to get done!

Obviously I still hadn’t quite learned the lessons the Lord was trying to teach me, because as the days passed before our big “move” day, I was continuously unable to get up out of bed for more than a couple hours at a time.  I was still nauseous!

I even eventually called my nurse friend who had been in the operating room with me, and told her what was going on – is this normal?

She definitely thought it odd, but didn’t fly into panic-mode.  Instead she encouraged me, telling me to hang tight, and told me she’d be praying.  I reminded myself again of Isaiah 26:3.  I must keep trusting my Father!

And, wouldn’t you know that just one day before we were to leave for Arizona, I woke up feeling totally fine!  The Lord had taken care of everything that “I” thought “I” needed to do, just like He promises us.  He had opened the doors for Jeffrey to move in the first place, so it made sense that He would help us get everything done.  Why had I been worried?

It says in Psalm 119:50 (AMP):  “This is my comfort in my affliction, that Your word has revived me and given me life.”

Friends, it’s so important to read and memorize Scripture.  The night before my surgery, I was just reading God’s Word like I do so many other evenings.  And He spoke to me, through my Bible reading in the book of Isaiah.  Isaiah 26:3 just glared out at me, and I found myself knowing I needed to tuck that verse away in my memory bank, although I wasn’t sure exactly why!

Of course the next day – and into the following week – I understood completely the reasons for memorizing it.  I needed to learn how to trust my Father and rest in His peace.  Yes, I kept trying to take all control back, but the Lord in His patience, mercy and love, kept me right where He needed me as He continuously worked out everything that needed to get done.

Is there a Scripture God keeps bringing to your mind?  Don’t ignore it!  What do you think He’s trying to tell you?


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