One Down, One To Go

The gynecological specialist’s nurse called and got me scheduled for the endometrial tests very quickly (This Old Bod’ Just Ain’t What It Used To Be).  The scheduling nurse stated that most likely the doctor would do what she called a “scraping” and then send it along for a biopsy.  She forewarned me that it may indeed hurt a bit, but probably just like having cramps.  Certainly not something I was looking forward to, but it didn’t sound too bad.

Gary drove me in for the initial checkup with the doctor, however when she came in she stated she wanted me to go in for a D&C procedure instead.  Why?  Because with doing the D&C she would be able to completely remove the polyp which would make for a better reading – plus she would be able to really look around in there to make sure there was nothing else going on.


I finally came to grips about the procedure, but then she told me I’d need to be under general anesthesia.

Oh no.  Years ago when I got my tubes tied (Our New Daily Routine) I had been given general anesthesia, and I had gotten very ill.  I struggle a lot with motion sickness, and for some reason anesthesia sets me off on a horrible ride.

I told the same to the doctor, and she said she’d inform the anesthesiologist to give me an anti-nausea drug at the same time.  Alright, we got it scheduled for about a week away.

Hebrews 13_5As the days drew nearer to that surgery, I suddenly realized that I was feeling a lot less stressed about the whole college thing.  Perhaps was this one of the reasons the Lord was allowing this all to happen?

The day came for the D&C, and everything went great.  The doctor stated she found a couple other small polyps that she removed as well, and we later found out the biopsies all came back normal.

Plus, she did indeed remember to tell the anesthesiologist about me getting very nauseous from the anesthesia, and whatever she gave me to counteract it did great!

All I could say was, “Thank you, Lord.”

As I left her office after the final visit, I promised to call her if I ever started bleeding again – no waiting around this time.

Oh, and what could’ve caused the polyps?  Well they could have been caused by stress!

Go figure…

On another note, the biopsy on my neck lump turned out to be a neoplasmic cell called a “hurthle.”  This hurthle was lodged on the right side of my thyroid, and my doctor told me that it needed to be removed since there was no way of knowing whether it was cancerous or not.

But, she went onto say, really I shouldn’t be worrying about that, because there was only a 20-25% chance that it would be.

I don’t know about you, but 20-25% sounded pretty high to me at that particular moment!

My doctor went onto say that of all the different types of cancers, cancer of the thyroid was definitely the easiest one to treat.

Unfortunately, those words didn’t help me relax in the least.

I went into see the thyroid specialist, who confirmed what my doctor had said, and went onto say that lumps similar to the one I had on my neck were actually quite common.

RefugeHe also said very matter-of-factually that the ultrasound had also showed a small lump on the left side of my thyroid – oh, but don’t worry about that right now.

Phew, baby.

So another surgery needed to be scheduled, and he informed me that this surgery would be about 2-1/2 hours, and I’d also be under general anesthesia.  Plus he stated because of scheduling conflicts and vacations, he couldn’t get me in until early to mid-August.

I flipped.

I told him all about Jeffrey and our having so much to get done before moving him to Arizona the end of August.  He assured me that after about a week of recuperating I should be ready and raring to go – he didn’t believe there would be any issue about us leaving town.  And yes, I needed to get the surgery done before we left.

Oh, and by the way, I was to do no heavy-lifting for a few weeks…

My heart was heavy as I left the doctor’s office.  Gary was really going to be under a lot of pressure having to do the majority of the work with Jeffrey if I couldn’t help move boxes, or assist in getting Jeffrey in and out of his wheelchair!

Yet again, Gary took this all in stride, and the Lord gave us peace.

Only 2 months to go before a brand new season without Jeffrey was to take place…




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