Precious Surprises For Jeffrey

Alrighty-then, my one health issue was taken care of, and evidently nothing could be done about my neck lump for another couple of months (One Down, One To Go).  So now we just needed to focus on getting Jeffrey through the remaining couple weeks of high school.

One day Jeffrey came home with an invite to attend the academic awards ceremony for the graduating seniors at the high school coming up in a couple of days.  Jeffrey had told us that he had been in for an interview with some representatives from the local Kiwanis Club for their yearly scholarship, but we had no idea how that had all turned out.  Possibly did Jeffrey get the scholarship?

god's goodThe 3 of us arrived for the ceremony, and one of Jeffrey’s teachers pulled me aside and told me to make sure to stay for the end of the ceremony – no matter what!

Well, that’s weird…

We got our seats, and one-by-one the presenters announced all the graduating seniors and their college plans (if they had any).  They also announced scholarships of the graduating students, and what they were planning on studying in college.

When Jeffrey’s turn came, we were indeed thrilled to learn that Jeffrey had received one of the Kiwanis scholarships!  Yay, thank you, Lord!

After Jeffrey went up to the platform he wheeled back to his seat, and as promised we waited for the end of the ceremony.  What on earth was going to happen then?

Finally the ceremony was wrapping up.  Then a woman from an foundation called “Chance to Become” got called to the podium.

She explained that the foundation was made up of many different contributors, and what they do is look at all the upcoming graduating seniors every year, conducting interviews with staff and teachers to find one student in the whole school which has shown exceptional accomplishments in the school environment, as well as hard work and perseverance in daily routines.

The lady also explained that one thing they really focus on when making their decision is which student just might need a “little extra chance” in their life in to succeed.

Then came the announcement:

This year’s Chance to Become Scholarship goes to … Jeffrey Kennedy!

I was so proud of our son, and my heart absolutely exploded with love for our great God who had seen fit to bless Jeffrey in this way.  He had worked so hard during high school, and had actually become the first child with disabilities of his kind to graduate with a regular diploma from that school, rather than a modified one.

And you know what?  We found out afterwards that the scholarship money didn’t need to be used to pay for college, but could be used to pay for Jeffrey’s nursing care until his disability payments came through (Surety Needed)!  Philippians 4:6 again was coming into play:  “Do not be anxious for anything…”

Yep, they grow up fast!

As I contemplated on the events a couple days after the graduation ceremony, I found myself absolutely floored that Jeffrey was going on to college, just like so many of his peers!  I had heard parents say time and time again that you just won’t be able to believe how quickly the years fly by when you have children, and now I was looking back and thinking the same thing.

Yes, some of the years had been extremely difficult, but there had also been so many moments of laughter and joy.

I knew the next couple of months would probably just whiz by, and I really started wondering just what we were supposed to pack for Jeffrey for his first year in college.  What should we bring?  What should we leave behind?

He had so much equipment, and we knew that even with having a whole dorm bedroom to himself, there was not going to be much room.

Yet God had certainly given us a humongous blessing with the scholarship money to pay for Jeffrey’s nursing, so I really needed to just keep on trusting.

Oh boy, I was really glad at that particular moment that I didn’t really know what additional challenges were lying ahead…



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