Patience, My Young Padawan

Whether you’re a Star Wars fan or not, you’ve probably heard of Yoda, the Master Jedi of the series who tries to keep all the young Jedi-learners in line.  Tough task, no doubt.

One of the toughest was probably Luke Skywalker, a young man who grew up as a farm boy who had no idea his real father was the evil Darth Vader.  Yoda and Luke finally link up, and through much patience Yoda teaches Luke about the “force” – a power so great that it enables the Jedi’s to accomplish extraordinary things beyond all human comprehension.

untitledBut you know what, Christians?  We have the True Force living inside of us – the Holy Spirit Jesus promised us prior to His sacrifice on the cross (John 14:16-17).  However, like young Luke Skywalker, we need to learn to be patient and listen, and then obey what He’s telling us to do.

So where in the world am I going with all this?  Well let me tell you…

In reading through my old journal entries one thing I seem to come across often is my feeling of restlessness.  I find myself asking the Lord what I’m supposed to be doing in my life.

Over and over again it seems this feeling of restlessness appears after I’ve been involved with something for about two years.  And it really doesn’t seem to matter whether it’s a paying job, a ministry or a hobby.

I’ve found myself becoming restless after I’ve finally learned a new job in my employment.  Instead of being thankful that I’m now to a point where I’m not stressing in my everyday job assignments, I’m getting bored again.  Where’s the excitement?

I’ve found restlessness occurring when I’m involved in a particular ministry at church.  It seems like once “I” think I’ve learned what “I” need to do, “I” want to do something else.

And finally, I’ve been feeling restlessness occurring on and off lately with my writing – which kind of amazes me.  Really, I love writing!  I finished my first book, am working on a second, have my God of All Comfort Facebook page, and of course this blog.  So what on earth is going on?

Let’s loop back to the story of Luke and Yoda.  You see, Yoda used to get quite upset with Luke because of his impatience to want to move ahead – to get going on things “he” felt needed to be done before it was time.  In other words, he was failing to listen to the “force.”

Yoda’s frequent reply?  “Patience, my young Padawan.”  [Padawan = apprentice.]

I attended an awesome Christian women’s writers’ conference earlier this week, and I felt convicted.  How?  Because often I find myself failing to listen to the True Force, the Holy Spirit.  Sometimes I fail to be patient in allowing Him to use me however He chooses in the stage that I am in right now, and instead I frequently want to move on to something else before God says its time.  Instead of being still and listening, I’ve allowed myself to become disgruntled.

if you wantthe rainbow,you gottaput up withthe rainOne thing brought up at the conference was that it’s important to remember that God doesn’t lay out our whole life’s map before we’re to start taking steps.  He typically just gives us one step at a time, and we need to stay on that step until He gives us the next step to follow.

Me?  “OK, Lord, I’ve mastered that step, time to move on.  How about if I start doing this?”

Then I start mapping out what “I” think “I” should be doing next, but once I take off on my own volition often find myself running around in too many different directions – but not really getting to any set destination.  Kind of like swimming in deep water, wondering if I’m going to have the strength to make it back to the shore.

I was reminded at this conference that God’s plans for me are perfect, and made uniquely for me (Jeremiah 29:11).  And that they are awesome, special plans because of His love for me in knowing what’s going to be best.

And you know what?  As I’ve readjusted my thinking since the conference, I feel the Lord moving me in a direction I hadn’t planned.  I’m a little nervous, and quite frankly intimidated, but I’m going to keep my eyes planted on Him.

Do you find yourself at a place that just doesn’t feel right?  Take a step back and plug into the force of the Holy Spirit.  Ask for forgiveness if you’ve been running in the wrong direction, and then listen and obey.

Well I’m certainly not what you’d call a young Padawan anymore, but I know with God age doesn’t matter.  He has great plans for all of His children, but we must be still and listen for His voice (Psalm 46:10).

How are you doing with that?



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