Life Continued On…

After losing our little girl my husband and I decided we needed a new start, so we purchased a mobile home and got a little piece of land.  But things between us just never seemed the same.

We both decided to quit our jobs at the pancake house, and my husband began to look for a new job while I took a little time staying home and being a housewife.  My sister came and lived with us for awhile, but unfortunately I wasn’t a very good influence on her.

Soon after I began looking for a new job, as well.  I enjoyed restaurant work, but I wanted to work in a place where I could make better money.  I ended up applying at a popular steak restaurant in Seattle, and was hired as a cocktail waitress even though I had no idea how to order mixed drinks.  I knew how to “drink” drinks, not order them!

Dumb BlondeIt was interesting, that’s for sure!  I was just 21 years-old, and not very familiar with the whole restaurant cocktail lounge aspect.  I was more used to taverns, not nice places like this.  However the bar manager took a liking to me, and ended up taking a lot of time making sure I was trained properly.

I caught on quickly, and even though some of the regular drinking fellows got on my nerves at times, overall I found it fascinating.  When it was slow I started watching how the bartenders mixed the various cocktails and started making notes in my head.  That would be fun to learn how to do that!

I ended up getting a recipe booklet for some of the most common mixed drinks, and we set up a bar area in our little mobile home.  I went to the liquor store and purchased all sorts of different alcoholic beverages, as well as the mixers to go along with them.  Then every night when my husband, sister and I had gotten home from work, we would experiment making different types of drinks to go with our dinner.  Fun!

One day the bar manager asked if I wanted to train to become a backup bartender.  Oh yeah!  She again took her time with me, and sometimes during the slower afternoon shifts she would let me work the restaurant order window.  I felt so important!

I would also go out in the restaurant area and help fill in as hostess when needed.  I wanted to work hard so they could see what a valuable employee I was.  I watched closely how different areas were handled in the restaurant, and eventually the restaurant manager began to call me as a fill-in hostess when someone failed to show up for their shift.  I was moving up, no doubt about it, and loving every minute of it.

Jesus is our giftBut as is usual with me, a few more months passed and I found myself becoming bored again.  I had been watching the waitresses and began to notice that you could make some big money in tips working the tables in the restaurant – especially if you were able to work up to one of the weekend evening shifts.  One day an opening came up for a mid-day shift, and I put my name in.  I got it!

I again worked hard and put in as many hours as I possibly could.  The money was fabulous and I was learning so much.  I started also working some in-house banquets, and offered to help anyone in any way when I could.  This life was so exciting!

However back at our little mobile home things weren’t quite as rosy.  My sister moved out and it was just back to me and my husband.  I started to realize that he and I really had nothing in common now that we weren’t working at the pancake house together, and I started to treat him badly.  I, quite frankly, was just tired of being tied down.

It got to the point where I simply did not want to be around him at all.  Unfortunately a lot of my old selfish, mean tendencies began to surface once again.  I began to talk down to him, inflating myself and deflating him.  We got divorced shortly thereafter…



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