Jeffrey Joins In With His Church Friends

Our new church was going through a major renovation because of growth – a good thing!  However during the construction phase things got to be quite inconvenient for someone in a wheelchair.

We wanted Jeffrey to attend Sunday School and meet some new friends, but during the building process it was very difficult because the classroom for Jeffrey was downstairs.  So Gary and I had to lug Jeffrey up and down the stairs – not an easy task!

love deeplySo it came as a major praise the day when we got a phone call from the children’s pastor saying that the elevator had finally been installed – yahoo!  Like all young kids (and even some older ones), Jeffrey couldn’t wait to get into the new elevator and push the button to go down into the basement where the classrooms were.  Plus, with all the extra rooms that they now had available, they were even going to start a Kidz Choir.

Jeffrey has always loved music, and loves to sing praise and worship songs.  So when we heard there was going to be a Kidz Choir he wanted to join.  But of course Gary and I always wondered when we considered starting a new venture with him:  Would the others accept him?  (Oh we of little faith!)

How I praise God for His wonderful children!  The Kidz Choir director was a wonderful lady, who was absolutely thrilled to have Jeffrey become one of the team.  Jeffrey has an incredible memory and he memorized the songs quickly.  And often when we stayed in the classroom to listen to the practice we could hear him belting out the songs above the other kids.  He was really happy.

The first time the Kidz Choir was set to sing up front in the sanctuary, they had forgotten that we needed to get Jeffrey’s wheelchair up there, but how thankful I was that many different people went into overdrive to help get him all situated and up on the stage in time.  We were thrilled to see him up there with the other kids.

Jeffrey& Sean
Jeffrey and buddy Sean

The children’s pastor was an incredible man of God with a kind soul.  He wanted Jeffrey to participate in everything that the other kids did, so when we heard about the kids getting to go to a summer church camp for a couple days, he informed us he’d like Jeffrey to come!  We were all so excited about the prospect, and since Camp Berachah was not too far from the church we drove Jeffrey up during the day so that he could participate however he could.

There was horseback riding and lots of nature trails, and Jeffrey thought it was so cool to be out in the wilderness with his Sunday school friends.  The kids all gathered around him, and sometimes there was a race as to which one of them got to push Jeffrey around in his wheelchair.  I can’t tell you how my heart was melting with joy at the community-type atmosphere that took place those couple of days.

There were also other great blessings that year – stay tuned!


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