God’s Calling – But Will I Answer The Phone?

AARGH, the phone’s ringing again!  Maybe I’ll just let it go to voicemail.  But I wonder who it could be?  I don’t recognize the number.  Well, maybe I should answer it…

We’ve all had those days, right?  On this particular day, we were just getting started with our small group Bible study, when the phone in the kitchen starting ringing – loudly.

I ran into answer it, hoping to get whoever off the phone quickly.  But I wasn’t prepared for this particular call.  It was a friend I hadn’t spoken to in months.  And she was a wreck.

Going back, when Gary and I first met I was working at a law firm (Yep, A New Season).  This particular friend worked for one of the young attorneys there.  I have to admit I really didn’t care for him that much – I thought he was spoiled, rich and way too arrogant.

Yet my friend worked hard for him, and had earned his respect.  He knew that she would always cover his back, and a mutual trust was built between them.

jesus paid it allThis attorney eventually started up his own firm, taking my friend with him.  Then he and his wife got divorced, and custody rights to their young daughter was split.  I knew this young man loved his daughter very much.

And that was the reason for the call.

My friend had just found out this attorney’s daughter had died suddenly the night before while she was staying at his ex-wife’s house.  The cause?  An allergic peanut reaction.  My friend asked me if I could please come to the funeral, as she knew that her boss would be comforted if I was there.


On the day of the service she and I met early and then drove to the Catholic church were it was held.  I had never been to a Catholic service before, and I found it so very different than the memorial services we had for our 2 boys (Passing Peacefully into God’s Arms, Light Shines Through the Darkness).  Where the services for our boys had been filled with joy and love amidst the sadness, this service seemed very somber.  My heart was grieved.

My friend wanted me to go say “hi” to this attorney, but I was a little uncomfortable.  However I started praying that God would open the door if He wanted me to approach him.

And He did…

After the service we were walking around when we saw him outside, leaning against a wall of the church.  My friend gave him a hug, and then it was my turn.  He did indeed recognize me, and as I gave him a hug I said, “God bless you.”  Then I stepped back still holding onto his arms and found myself looking intently into his eyes saying, “You’re going to be OK.”  He just stared at me and I looked right back at him and confirmed, “You will.”  He didn’t say anything but just kept looking at me.  I totally believe the Spirit gave me those words just for him.

As I started to pull away I told him that I’d be praying for him and suddenly I felt a slight squeeze on my arm before his eyes filled with sorrow again.

Afterwards my friend and I went to a coffee shop to chat a bit before heading home.  I told her I wanted to send him a copy of Gary’s testimony about when we lost our boys.  She said it would probably mean more to him if I gave it to him in person.

About a week later I spoke again to my friend, who said her boss wasn’t doing very good – he had gone back to using drugs and drinking a lot (a problem he’d struggled with off and on throughout the years), and she was really worried about him.  She still really felt I needed to come see him personally, which happened a couple months later.

hopeWhen I saw him he looked horrible, and after trying to act all attorney-like broke down and admitted that he hadn’t been doing very well.  I did give him Gary’s tape, and had also previously sent him a sympathy card about how his little girl was safe in Jesus’ arms, including some Scripture verses.

I wish I could say that he gave himself to the Lord on the spot, but unfortunately I found out later that they eventually had to arrange an intervention for him because he had lost touch with reality.  My friend had to finally leave his employ because he wasn’t able to function and keep the business together…

My final thoughts?  I know that the Lord’s words never return void (Isaiah 55:11).  I also know I did what I could, and I hope and pray that someday I might see him in heaven alongside his little girl.  And I thank the Lord who worked in my heart so that I now saw this young man not as rich and spoiled, but as a lost soul who turned to drugs and alcohol to perhaps relieve the loneliness that money, fame and possessions had never been able to give him.

You just never know when the Lord will call you to step out – be ready.  Sometimes people will see in you hope where they never had it before.


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