Going Home

I have lived almost 5 years now in the Dallas area, and before that lived 8 years in Central Oregon.  So why is it that as my husband and I flew into Seattle a little over a week ago I found myself saying ” I’m Home”? I even posted a picture of myself in front … More Going Home

God’s Calling – But Will I Answer The Phone?

AARGH, the phone’s ringing again!  Maybe I’ll just let it go to voicemail.  But I wonder who it could be?  I don’t recognize the number.  Well, maybe I should answer it… We’ve all had those days, right?  On this particular day, we were just getting started with our small group Bible study, when the phone … More God’s Calling – But Will I Answer The Phone?

Friends … Forever

I’ve been writing about losing 2 of our boys, and I have to come right out and say that it’s been brutal sometimes to go back and re-live those times.  I’ve had a number of meltdowns the past few weeks, especially as I’ve gone through some old pictures – some of which I hadn’t been … More Friends … Forever