Jesus Versus Anxiety

In my last post I wrote about how I know that keeping a Romans 8:28 mindset is so critical to being able to cope with things.  We need to remember that “all” things really do work for the good of those that love God.  But no matter how much we desire to keep our eyes firmly planted on Jesus, there are still times when we just get fearful, don’t we?

I’ve heard that the command to “fear not” (or “do not be afraid”) is one of the most repeated statements in the Bible.  No, I haven’t verified that, but even if it’s not true, that is a command that we should do our best to think about, and so I have been.

don't dwellFirst off, who or what really starts making me afraid?  Finances is a big thing.  There have been a few different times in my life when living paycheck to paycheck was the norm, and it’s scary.  It’s even scarier now when I see my husband and I getting closer to retirement.  Will we have enough to live on?

But then I have to stop myself, because Who owns everything???  Oh yeah, my Father (Psalm 24:1)!

I also find myself getting fearful when I think about our special needs son and what his life will end up like.  But that’s totally taking my eyes off God, so I must not do that.

My rational mindset on any particular day also has a lot to do with things.  What have I been thinking about?  Am I thinking about things that cause me stress instead of focusing on the many blessings God’s given me?  Yes, I often do – but why?  I’ve written before about how my husband has nailed me about looking at a glass as 1/2 empty instead of 1/2 full (Joy Bubbling Through Tears).

Luke 12:22-34 is such an awesome passage because it really gets to the heart of the issue.  We’re not to worry about anything!  Jesus tells us if our Father loves even birds so much that He makes sure they are well fed, will He not make sure we have everything we need?

Instead we should be focusing about how that passage ends (v. 34):  Where am I stocking my treasure?  Am I placing riches in heaven, or am I more worried about the “perceived” treasure I’ve accumulated here on earth?

I have to be totally honest here.  Before we lost our two young boys 20+ years ago, I was almost constantly thinking about my treasures here on earth.  Because earth is where I live, and I wanted to be able to live the way I wanted to!  I wanted a nice house, a nice car, and wanted to go on nice vacations.

But after losing our boys my mind did a sudden shift – I now focus more on my treasures in heaven.  I can’t wait to see my boys again, as well as other loved ones who are waiting for me up there.

do not be afraidHowever there’s more to this story than that.  Because in the years since losing our boys, I’ve become more and more watchful of opportunities to talk to others who don’t know Jesus, because I want them to have heaven as their treasure and goal, as well.  Think of it, the new heaven will have streets of gold (Revelation 21:21) – and that’s just the start!

In ending, I realize that the things I tend to get anxious about may seem very shallow to you.  I know that some of you are living through horrible abuse, famine or sickness.  Please know that my heart goes out to you.  Yet it is my prayer that as you call out to Jesus as your Savior that you will hear Him telling you “do not be afraid – I am right here with you, and after your suffering I will strengthen you, and make you strong (1 Peter 5:10).  I love you even more than you can imagine.”

There’s a worship song that repeats “God is good all the time.”  May we all remember that when we find our anxious minds going where they should not go.



5 thoughts on “Jesus Versus Anxiety

  1. Thank you for this, Linda. ❤️ I needed to see the verse from 1 Peter 5:10 again. I worry about myself with having cp, but I’m working on trusting that God will reveal things one step at a time as he will with Jeffrey. ☺️

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    1. Beautiful Julia – how I wish that you could meet my son someday! You are truly an inspiration. Jeffrey used to be like you. He was outgoing and wasn’t afraid to try and do new things. Now unfortunately his attitude is that people “owe” him because of his disability. Keep your head held high, because you are touching more people than you know.


      1. You never know, God could and make a way for Jeffrey and me to meet one day. 🙂 and I’d like to see you again too. I wouldn’t say I’m outgoing and unafraid to try new things – I struggle opening up and am pretty terrified, like with asking for a job. It’s terrifying to me. Especially since I’m 28 and dropped out of school. I want God to guide it all. Thank you for all the encouragement. 💕

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