Whoa, What Did I Get Into?

Yep, my life was comin’ up roses.  Things were settling into place.  I now even had a new job where the owner of the company had agreed to let me work part-time around Jeffrey’s school schedule (Hey-Ho, Hey-Ho, It’s Back To Work I Go).

I was excited yet extremely nervous as I entered my new job that first day.  My boss was very nice and introduced me to the owner’s personal secretary who showed me my desk and explained briefly what the job would entail.  Then I was given a huge product catalog and told to read it through.

The more I read the more freaked out I was becoming.  How on earth was I going to learn about all this stuff?

directing stepsMore shock-waves hit when I met the owner who, although in his 70’s, made it a point to be in the office every day.  He was actually very nice to me, yet I soon realized he was loud, short-tempered, and had an extremely foul mouth.  You just never knew what would set him off and when.  One time I was on the phone with a customer, and he walked by my desk cussing loudly, and I could hear the customer on the other end pausing, probably wondering what on earth was going on.

However there was another definite problem.  One of his daughters also worked in the office, and sat very close to me.  Her whole demeanor was just like him, but worse.  She was constantly demanding, critical of everything all of us did, and thought she could do whatever she wanted because she was the daughter of the owner.

You could often cut the tension with a dull bread-knife.  Many times she and the owner’s personal secretary would go at it with each other – clearly there wasn’t love lost between them.

I was started to stress out big time.  I’d start the morning reading the Bible or a good devotional book, and then would pray and/or listen to Bible teaching on my way to work.  Please, Lord, give me patience and help me to love this gal…

However it typically only took about 5 minutes before my peace departed from me, as we all felt like we needed to walk on pins and needles around her.

One day I’d had enough.  It takes a lot to get me to the point of “blow-up,” but once I do, watch out!  Well, the time was today, and now.  Let the consequences be what they may.

I could actually take her yelling at me, but when I started seeing how she was berating some of my coworkers – bringing them often to tears – enough was enough.

So that day I marched over to her desk, and told her I’d like to talk to her.  I then told her as gently as I could about how she was treating people disrespectfully, but the more we talked the more I could feel my temperature rising.  I was going to blow!

I quickly started praying silently, and our gracious God helped settle me down.

We continued our back-and-forth discourse, and all of a sudden I realized that both of us had started crying!

It was then that who walked through the door right by us?  Her dad, the owner!  It wasn’t difficult to see what was going on, and I was sure that my time at the company was going to be ending very soon.

AdamBut then something weird happened.  He stood at a distance looking at us for a minute or two, then all of a sudden turned around and walked right back out the door he had just walked in!

Things actually got better at the office for awhile after that day, but slowly but surely things returned to the way they were previously.  Some days it was just brutal…

However I started looking at the calendar, saw that it was now spring, and realized soon Jeffrey would be out of school for the summer.  What was I going to do then?  We’d not yet found anyone who could do respite care.

The light bulb started flickering in my head.  I could just quit my job!  After all, we couldn’t leave Jeffrey at home by himself.  Ah, what a perfect excuse to not have to work at this job anymore.  And then after summer, if I need to, I can always look for another job.

Woo-hoo!  I patted myself on the back for coming up with such an awesome plan.  And the plan did, indeed, start out good, but then God had a different idea…

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