Keep Believing – Don’t Give Up!

Well it’s certainly interesting how our minds work, isn’t it?  Of course I’m positive that you all think just like me, so I’m lumping you into this too.  And, after reading through this post, if you truly don’t ever struggle with this same thing – please give me lessons on how you’ve been so successful!

I promised you back when I wrote Pulling Up My Faith Boot-Straps And Stepping Out, that I would one day share with you some specifics about ways that I believe the Lord has confirmed with me that “some day” He is going to heal Jeffrey.  Below is one instance:

faith makes possibleChristmas was nearing back when Jeffrey was 12 years-old.  I had again been really concentrating on praying for Jeffrey and his healing.  We had watched as a family the DVD The Gospel of John a few nights prior, and I remember being struck by the instance where Jesus specifically asked the lame man at the pool if he wanted to be healed (John 5:1-15).  His reply?  Yes.

Funny thing was, the last time I actually remembered Jeffrey saying he wanted to be healed and walk was back when he was about 8 years-old (Oh, Lord…).  Since that time he seemed to have given up on ever walking, and every time we asked him if he wanted to be healed, his reply had become “no.”

I still totally believed the Lord told me he would be healed, but you know how it is – as time passes you find it harder and harder to hang tight to what you believe you’ve been told.

So I decided now that I’d start praying that Jeffrey would desire to be healed!

Jeffrey was 12 years-old and still in diapers.  I was getting beaten down – changing those diapers was getting pretty old.  I was starting to sink deep into one of my funk pits.

Of course, since God is such a loving, kind Father, He knew I was starting to go in the wrong direction, so He decided to confirm yet again what He’d told me in the past.

The 3 of us were doing some Christmas shopping at GI Joes in Bend.  Of course being so near Christmas the check-out lines were pretty long, so Gary decided to take Jeffrey and wait outside for me as I stood in line.  It was a beautiful sunny day.

They went outside, and were chatting for a few minutes with one of the Salvation Army Red Kettle bell ringers, when all of a sudden an elderly couple who were sitting outside on one of the benches got up and came over to where Gary and Jeffrey were standing.

Dad & Jeffrey at beautiful Sunriver, Oregon

The man looked at Gary and told him he and his wife were born again Christians, and that they totally believed the Lord had just told them that Jeffrey was going to be healed.  Of course that threw Gary totally off guard.  He was near tears and pretty much speechless.

I was still in the check-out line when all this happened, so by the time I got outside and Gary told me, the couple had left.  Wow – I was floored, and immediately my mood lifted as I started praising my great Father for the kindness and reassurance He had given me that day – of course when I really needed it!

That day also brought back to mind 2 other specific instances:  Once when Jeffrey and I were walking at the Supermall in Auburn, Washington years before and a gal made a bee-line over to me and told me the same thing; and also not too long after that when a man ran out of a restaurant as we were heading out to our car in the parking lot after lunch (Pulling Up My Faith Boot-Straps And Stepping Out) who said the same thing!

You know, I just love how God sends us little tokens of love and blessings just when we need it.  He knows our every thought and need, and loves to shower us with blessings.

Do you believe God has promised you something that has yet come to pass?  Hang on!

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