Divine Appointments

Have you ever found yourself suddenly confronted by someone who wants to know more about the Christian book you’re reading during your lunch break?  Or why you seem to have such a sunny demeanor most of the time?

Many call them “Divine Appointments” or “Godincidences.”  Typically they come on us when we are least expecting them.

Some of you have probably heard of Bill Bright, co-founder of the great college ministry Campus Crusade for Christ (now called “Cru”).  He went to be with the Lord in 2003, yet his ministry lives on in the lives of so many people.

I can’t remember which book of Mr. Bright’s I got this quote from, but I still remember it vividly.  He said “whenever I find myself alone with a person, I consider it a divine appointment.”  I remember him telling the story of one time when he was stuck in an elevator with just one other person.  He used that time to share tidbits of the gospel.

trust himDivine appointments can come in all sorts of different ways.  Sometimes it may be someone you don’t even know that God places in your life unexpectedly, that really needs a touch from the Father of encouragement and love.  Our God decides to choose you to give it to them.

“But what if I feel I’m in the midst of a divine appointment and I don’t know what to do?”  Trust me on this one – God will show you!  And sometimes it might be just one simple act.

Let me share one time that happened not too long ago.  My husband Gary and I had decided to vacation at a place in Florida called Destin, as we’d never been to the Gulf coast after living on the west coast for most of our lives.

We got checked into our hotel room and unpacked.  Wow, a whole week at the beach!

Of course, being there for a full week meant I had packed lots of books to read – my favorite vacation past-time.  So I had them out, laying all over our room.

One day I was alone in the room when housekeeping knocked on our door.  The little gal was cute as a button, and as we chatted a bit I found out she was from Jamaica, going to school in Florida.

We talked for a few more minutes, then I went outside to sit on our deck so she could finish up our room.

full of jessusBut the next thing I knew, she timidly opened the sliding glass door, and began asking questions about all the Christian books we had lying around.  Were we missionaries?

I told her “no,” but that we were Christians, and one of my passions was reading.

Then she said she was a Christian too, and was so excited to see all the different books as she loved to read, as well.  She said in her home country it was very difficult to get ahold of different books because she lived in a very poor area, and her family didn’t have much money.

She went onto say that her working at the hotel allowed her to send some money back to her family, and she was so thankful to be able to help them financially.

My heart softened as I lovingly saw her eyes gleaming as she gently touched a few of the books that I’d brought along, asking questions about a few of them.

I knew what I had to do – no doubt about it.  It was a divine appointment.  I asked if she’d like to have some of the books.

It was like I had offered her a diamond bracelet (not that I have one)!  Her smile widened with thankfulness as she began looking through them, finally choosing two.  She thanked me profusely with tears in her eyes.

Be alert, my friends.  You never know when God will bring someone into your life that just might need a few simple words of encouragement, a hug or even a book!  Our Lord loves to use His children to pass along His love to others.



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