Speak To Me Lord, Final

I was up early on the final day of the retreat.  What was God going to say to me today?

There were 2 more sessions coming up this morning.  The first?  “Prayer.”

First we were to look up Mark 4:35-41, and focus on our faith.

Most of you probably know this passage.  It’s about when Jesus and His disciples are in a boat on the Sea of Galilee, and suddenly a horrible storm erupts.  The disciples are terrified, but where’s Jesus?  He’s sleeping!  He was completely at peace.

avedThe reason Jesus wasn’t worried is that He knew who had authority over the waves and the storm – His Father.  His faith and trust were firm and steadfast.

The question was asked:  So why are we anxious about things?  If we love and trust our Heavenly Father will He not take care of things in whatever way is best for us?

Yikes!  At that particular moment my faith was pretty weak.  Why?  Because I’d been stressing about our special needs son Jeffrey again who’d moved away to attend college but was now not doing well (see What’s Your New Year’s Resolution).  I had been worried about him, and what may happen if he ended up having to move home again.

Lord, may I be like You in the boat – always resting easy in that whatever happens, it’s because You’ve allowed it.

The second passage we were to look up on Prayer was about handling interruptions, and was based on Mark 5:21-43.

In this passage, a synagogue leader (Jairus) comes and falls at Jesus’ feet, stating that his daughter is dying and asking Jesus to please come and help.

Jesus agrees, but as He’s traveling, a woman who had been bleeding for 12 years passes by Him and touches His robe, believing that just a touch from His robe would heal her, as nothing else had been able to.

Jesus stops, and takes the time to find out who touched His robe – and during this interruption, Jairus’ little girl dies…

If Jesus hadn’t stopped to inquire of the bleeding woman, would Jairus’ daughter still have died?

Does it really matter?

Jesus didn’t mind being interrupted, because He trusted God fully in His plans for Him that day.  Was not God in control of everything?

This lesson really hit home, as I’m a very routine-oriented person, and when my schedule gets interrupted, a lot of times I don’t handle it well!

Oh, Lord, less of me, and more of You…

ss the pointAfter our allotted time, the gals joined together one last time to find out what the final session was to be: “Surrendering to the Future by Surrendering Your Fears.”

As we didn’t have a lot of time left, immediately I started writing furiously in my journal:

Lord Jesus, please allow me to see clearly the changes You have for me in my own life as I venture forward from this retreat.  Teach me how might I surrender as You surrendered!

I don’t want any fear that I may have within me to hinder what You want to do in my life.  

As I reflect on all You’ve showed me during my time here, I’m struck with awe and wonder of how strong Your love is for me.  It’s amazing!  Why do I fear anything?

Lord, I desire to totally surrender everything to You.  I want to have the same peace that Jesus had while on the boat in the storm – a restfulness and complete trust that You’re with me and will never forsake me (Joshua 1:5), and that You’ve got great plans for my life – to prosper me and not to harm me (Jeremiah 29:11).  

Lord, I rest in You…

As I drove back home after the retreat I was filled with such hope and anticipation!  So in ending, let me go back to the beginning of my first post in this series.  It’s here that I want to remind you that if you are having a hard time concentrating and hearing from God, it might be time to schedule a time away just so you can focus on Him.

But stick to your plan once you get there!  You need to focus on Him, in quietness.  That doesn’t mean checking your social media or having your cell phone on!

I promise you won’t be disappointed.

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