Give Me Some!

The title of this post sounds like something you’ve heard kids scream on more than one occasion, right?

Unfortunately, I hate to admit that those were the words that popped out of my mouth one night about a week ago when my husband and I were upstairs playing Yoshi’s Woolly World on our Wii U.  Yes, we’re still very much kids at heart.

You need to know that when my husband and I play games of any sort together, we go all out.  We get very competitive – which isn’t always good.

POSTERIf you’re unfamiliar with the game, we both had our individual Yoshi’s, and we were replenishing our supply of eggs.  Eggs are what you use to defeat or stun your enemies.  The problem was, Gary was much quicker on the draw than I was, and he was grabbing all the eggs before I could get any.

So came my scream:  “Give me some!”

As soon as I said that we both stopped and looked at each other, because, indeed, I sounded just like a spoiled little brat.  We ended up laughing.  It really was quite silly, but in the heat of the moment, I was quite peeved at my husband.

Life in general is not always fair, is it?  And, unfortunately, when hard times come, some abandon their faith in God because of them – they just don’t think it’s fair that they’re having to endure such things when others seem to float through life without anything bad ever happening to them.

But the word of God, as usual, talks about just such things.  For instance, look at Daniel 1.

Teenagers Daniel and his 3 friends Hananiah, Mishael and Azariah were captured when the Babylonians invaded Jerusalem in 605 BC.  They then were forced to live in a wicked, morally corrupt society.

They were among those chosen to train for service to the king, so had to learn a new language.  They were further stripped of their Jewish identity by being given new names.  How easy it would’ve been for them to abandon all that they’d been taught about their God!

Yet they stood firm.

While in training they were told to partake of certain food and wine, but decided not to do so.  They believed it would defile their God if they did.  Instead Daniel approached the chief official, and asked permission to abstain from the food and drink they were offered, instead asking for vegetables and water.

may i trust you moreWhen the official balked at their request, Daniel suggested a trial period of 10 days.  And, after that time, Daniel and his 3 friends were healthier and stronger than the others in the training program who had been eating and drinking the royal food!

God rewarded them for their faithfulness and trust in Him.  And, as you keep reading the book of Daniel, you’ll see how God later saved Daniel’s 3 friends from a blistering fiery furnace (Daniel 3), and then saved Daniel from a den of hungry lions (Daniel 6)!

It says in 1 Samuel 2:30 that our God takes delight in us when we trust Him no matter what’s going on.

When life isn’t going as we think it should, we often start whining, don’t we?  Somehow we think we’re smarter than our Lord.  In the past I’ve certainly not always agreed with the paths God has placed me on – that is, until I asked Him to help me understand.

But here’s what we need to wrap our head around:  It really doesn’t matter what we think.  We just need to keep our eyes on the Lord, and trust that whatever we’re going through is because He deems it best for us at that point in time.


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