Keep On Keepin’ On

Some days I just feel tired – how about you?

The thing is, a lot of times I’m not even really sure why I feel tired.  It’s not like I just ran a marathon (like some of you I know).  Sometimes I feel tired even when I’ve gone to bed at a decent hour the night before, getting my recommended 8 hours of sleep!

So what’s the deal?

I think it’s just this thing we call life.

But in saying these things, I love that when we feel discombobulated with our lives, we can always find similar instances in the Bible of people who have felt just like us.  We find encouragement to keep on keepin’ on so we can keep moving forward day-by-day, doing the best we can with what our Lord has given us to do.

never aloneDuring the Apostle Paul’s ministry, the city of Colosse was filled with heretical teaching.  Cults were running rampant – some held to strict Jewish teachings, some were doing the New Age thing, and many people were taught that Jesus was a good man, but humans themselves were also just as wise.

Sound familiar to where you live now?

The Colossian Christians were getting tired.  They were doing their best to persevere against all the “yuk” going on around them, but they were getting worn out.  And one of them – a leader of the church named Epaphras – became really worried and decided to visit Paul in Rome to ask for his help.

Paul definitely became concerned when he heard of all the heresy.  So he wrote a letter to them while he was imprisoned to encourage them in their faith, and keep them from straying away from the truth of God’s word (Colossians 1).

His basic message:  Do not give up!

Because Paul realized how hard it was for them – how it seemed as if every day a new challenge awaited them.  Such was his own personal life.

Paul started his letter to the Colossians telling them how he was so thankful for the news of their faith in Jesus and their love for one another (v. 3).  He told them how they remained in his prayers (v. 9).

Don’t we all love to hear someone we trust tell us those things?

exalt youThen later in Chapter 1, he reminds them that they had been given everything they need to handle the stresses of their daily lives; and that their Father God has qualified them for what they’re having to go through.  No surprises with our God!  Besides that, they needed to remember that the ultimate victory was theirs no matter what, because they had been redeemed through the precious blood of Christ (v. 10-14).

I don’t know about you, but I often need to remind myself of just those same things.

Paul ends Colossians 1 with the reminder that because of Jesus’ death and resurrection, they now have the Holy Spirit living within them – they have a 1-on-1 connection with our Father (v. 27-28).  So do we!  We have direct access to the throne of grace to help us just when we need help the most (Hebrews 4:16).

Friends, so many people I talk to lately have the same feelings that I have on some days – they just feel plumb worn out.  But it’s on those days when we need to rejuvenate ourselves with the reminder that we’re not alone, and we can and will make it through when our eyes remain focused on the truth of God’s word.

Remember – you are a victor through Jesus!  And we’re in this whirlwind called life together.  Be encouraged that God is there with you right now.  Close your eyes and hear Him telling you that nothing will be too difficult if we trust Him.







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