What Are You Waiting For?

Feel your life is sometimes insignificant?  Like you really don’t have a purpose?  You love Jesus, and desire to be obedient, but you just don’t feel like He’s told you what He wants you to do?

I’ve been there.  And, unfortunately, I still somedays find myself falling into that trap.  What am I really supposed to be doing?

I’m pretty sure that’s how the disciples felt after Jesus died on the cross.  Wasn’t He supposed to have been their Savior?  How could He just die?

But He didn’t just die, did He?  He rose from the dead – because of his love for us.

After Jesus’ death and burial, the disciples were holed up.  They were scared.  Just what were they supposed to be doing now that He was gone?  He’d taught them so much and had performed so many miracles!  They were confused; their hope gone.

What are you waiting for - get out there!But on the 3rd day after Jesus’ death they got a visitor they certainly weren’t expecting.  It was Jesus Himself!  He had come back from the dead and had come to visit His beloved disciples – the men and women He had spent the majority of the past 3 years with.  He wanted to give them back their hope and show them that their lives did indeed have purpose (John 20:19-20).

Of course they were thrilled – now they really knew Jesus was indeed their Savior!

Jesus then gave them marching orders, so to speak – and these, my friends are for us, as well:  “As the Father has sent me, so I am sending you” (John 20:21 NLT).

This is what we’re all supposed to be doing – spreading the Good News of Jesus and what He’s done for us, wherever God has us in life.  Just as Father God sent Jesus, Jesus sends me and you.

No, that doesn’t mean you need to go knocking on doors – unless God has called you to that, of course!  You may be teaching the piano to the neighborhood kids; working at a school; being a mom or dad.  You may work 40+ hours a week at a job where you feel no appreciation whatsoever.  It doesn’t matter.  The Lord has people everywhere who need to see His Light shining forth through you.

At one job I had, the CEO hated anything that even remotely spoke of Christianity.  Myself, as well as others, were rebuked for speaking of Bible studies or sharing books that spoke of Jesus and His saving grace.

But Jesus tells us in Matthew 5:39 that if we’re insulted because of things like that, it’s OK.  We’re to keep on loving those who disagree with us – in the best way we can (Matthew 5:44).

Those in the medical profession can treat every patient with respect and tender care, even if they are one of the most difficult patients they’ve ever treated.

cultivateThose working with kids can show them love even when they act out repeatedly – who knows what their home life is really like!

We can all encourage others; but sometimes it’s really hard, isn’t it?  But when those difficult people see that there is indeed something different in us and start asking us questions so we can share Jesus, it’s all worth it!

So often we think that pastors, Christian authors or well-known speakers are so much more spiritual and important to the Kingdom than we are – but that’s so untrue.  Remember that it was Mary Magdalene (an alleged prostitute) that Jesus revealed Himself to prior to His apostles!

You matter greatly, friends, and are loved more than you know by our Lord.  So what are you waiting for?  Get out there and start living for Jesus!




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