Don’t Look Back!

I’ve heard a lot of people say, “If only I knew then what I know now.” A lot of times it’s when we reflect back to our teenage years when we made a lot of stupid mistakes; but sometimes people say this when their marriage is failing, their jobs are getting unbearable, or when their … More Don’t Look Back!

Mother’s Gone & I Come Unglued – But Only Temporarily!

Mother ended up passing away in her sleep just 2 days after we were told she had no more than 72 hours to live (The Roller-Coaster Continues).  But here’s an amazing thing:  I knew that she’d died even before I got the phone call! The same thing happened as when Jeffrey’s twin Bryan passed away … More Mother’s Gone & I Come Unglued – But Only Temporarily!

Going Home

I have lived almost 5 years now in the Dallas area, and before that lived 8 years in Central Oregon.  So why is it that as my husband and I flew into Seattle a little over a week ago I found myself saying ” I’m Home”? I even posted a picture of myself in front … More Going Home