Crushing Evil

I hate snakes – I mean I really, really do.  Just seeing a picture of a snake absolutely freaks me out.  People talk about them, and I find myself breaking into a sweat.  They terrify me. I was born in Iowa, and our family lived in a cute little house that had a small orchard in … More Crushing Evil

How Can You Even THINK You Can Make It Without God?

I don’t get it.  How can people make it through life without having a true and personal relationship with Jesus Christ?  The world is rapidly falling further and further into the gutter, and my heart just bleeds for young couples trying to raise their children in a godly manner in these days and times.  How … More How Can You Even THINK You Can Make It Without God?

Me – A Blogger?

So many people have asked me questions after reading and/or hearing about my book The God of All Comfort.  Yes certainly about Jeffrey (our remaining son with cerebral palsy), but also people seem shocked that I used to get in so much trouble back in my early years, but now I appear so “normal.”  Huh, … More Me – A Blogger?