How Do You Look?

If you’re like me, you grew up thinking you needed to look like a model or famous actress in order to be popular.  You pleaded with your parents for the latest fashionable clothes.  And “please, don’t cut my bangs so short!”  (Unfortunately my mother never gave into my requests for the coolest clothes or trendiest … More How Do You Look?

Crushing Evil

I hate snakes – I mean I really, really do.  Just seeing a picture of a snake absolutely freaks me out.  People talk about them, and I find myself breaking into a sweat.  They terrify me. I was born in Iowa, and our family lived in a cute little house that had a small orchard in … More Crushing Evil

Day Dreaming

Have you ever just sat staring at the different cloud formations in the sky?  Beautiful, yet sometimes so complex! How about when you’re in a plane on an overcast cloudy day.  Suddenly as the plane flies higher and higher, all of a sudden you find yourself breaking through to clear blue sky.  Underneath all you … More Day Dreaming